Dear Internet Entrepreneur

Thought your SaaS was intuitive until users turned to YouTube for clarity?

Time to beat them at their own game.

‍Coding, client schmoozing, videoing

you need more hours!😫😫😫

Know your software inside-out, but camera? It's like walking into a stadium—naked.

The office - Snooze fest. Outdoors? Blaring horns. The perfect spot? Finding Atlantis would be easier.

Your stellar software is there, but content? 

Hours in Editing and—oops!—only two seconds.

You're geeking over code, not camera angles.

‍Viewers are lurking, but connecting? Cue crickets.

From weekly uploads to...yearly? Oops.

Figured out the rules? Bam💥! Changed.

Perfect tunes = surprise copyright party!

Managing Trolls, fans, ghost town—

a digital obstacle course.

Software's the crown jewel, but YouTube? High-maintenance sidekick.

Today, reels; tomorrow, documentaries. Playing tag with trends?

Video SEO, Keywords, tags—deciphering ancient runes?

Red light on, brain’s off. Classic!

Keep Rivals close? But how?

Distribution? When, on TikTok? Shorts? Reels? X?, how? Modern mysteries.


YouTube’s a wild ride, ain’t it? 

Hang in there!

GO global🌍 without the jet lag

Well, YouTube’s your magic carpet, with over 2.6 BILLION unique users.

Way to reach a wider Audience.

Still typing? Please. Step into 2023. Show, don't tell.

Give them something they can almost touch. Visual and Engaging Content.

Forget "trust me, bro." On YouTube, they see to believe. Build Trust and Credibility.

Ready to be the North Star in Google's night sky? YouTube's the launching pad. Improve SEO.

Beyond the watch, there’s the click. Guide them from video voyeurs to

eager site visitors. Increase Traffic.

Ever wondered how giants like Ahrefs, Mailchimp,, Drift, Paddle, Grammarly, Wix and Canva (ALL 100M+ companies) dominate the digital scene?

Harness the multi-billion dollar SaaS traffic strategies for your software powerhouse.

Turn ‘likes’ into love stories. Because YouTube isn’t just content.

Foster Customer Loyalty.

Turn those clicks into currency.


Who says school’s boring? Teach, entertain, dominate. Slack's on it. So is Need a hint on their monthly revenues?

Potential users scrolling somewhere out there. Be the face they can’t swipe past.

Don't just aim for views. Aim for "OMG-Have-You-Seen-This?!"

Everyone wants to be on YouTube but it’s not as easy as it seems. Gain that edge every SaaS founder dreaming of.

One video. A zillion possibilities.

Maximise, optimise, repeat. Repurpose Content.

Evergreen? Think YouTube content is more like fine wine. It’s Long-Term Asset.

Who needs salesperson when you’ve got YouTube’s universal charm?

Working 24-Hours Per Day, 7-Days Per Week and NEVER calls in sick or takes holidays

🛑Stop right there.🛑


Let’s reframe this.

🎉Your Headache Cure Is Here!🎉

YouTube isn't another checklist, it’s a journey. And we? We’re your steadfast companions.

This isn’t a transaction. It’s kinship.

Our team takes all the YouTube work for you.

We don’t just speak. We teach. Simplifying the cryptic, humanising the technical.

Your software?

Not just code.

It's a revolution, and we're shouting it from the rooftops.

Connecting your SaaS to souls yearning for them.

Our words paint your vision, forging ties, igniting passions.

Narratives that aren’t just heard, they’re felt.

Our spokesperson doesn’t act; they resonate, enchant, rally. We choose the right in-house spokesperson.

We craft raw into art. Perfecting every pixel, every millisecond. We record and edit.

Why whisper when you can roar? From one long video, craft bite-sized content for TikTok, reels, shorts, "X", Y, Z.

Because, dear visionary, in the digital orchestra, we ensure your

YouTube channel isn't just another note, but the symphony.





What If You Could Flip a Switch and See Your SaaS Shine on YouTube?

“Hypebee has saved us thousands of hours of work. We’re able to spin up content faster.”
“They truly understand the nuances of YouTube and have managed to spotlight our brand in this crowded space. The ROI has been more than we hoped for.”
“Working with Hypebee has been a game-changer for our YouTube presence”
“Hypebee has transformed our YouTube channel from a neglected platform to one of our primary traffic sources.”
“As a startup, we didn't have the bandwidth for YouTube. Now, it feels like we have an in-house team”
“Not only did they curate content that resonates with our brand, but they also managed everything from editing to SEO optimization. A five-star experience!”


It's not just a service; it's a partnership. From the spark of an idea to the interaction with a vibrant community, we walk with you. Our spokesperson becomes your voice, our editors your artists, and your vision becomes a reality.

Your software isn't a tool; it's a solution, and we make sure everyone knows it.

Video Strategy

Our video strategy is your roadmap to success. Clear plan so each video helps your software grow.

Video Recording

Real people presenting your brand genuinely. No AI, No fluff. Our spokesperson doesn't just speak; they advocate, they believe, they win hearts.

Keyword Research

Our keyword research isn't about trends; it's about finding your tribe, those hungry for what you provide.

Ideas & Brainstorming

We don't just name videos; we christen experiences. Titles that get more clicks.


Scripts that don't just inform but inspire, resonate, and create bonds.


One message, endless echoes. Your YouTube content, now everywhere, tailored, optimized, unstoppable.


Data transformed into wisdom. Your analytics, now a guide, illuminating the path, refining success, redefining possibilities. Stats to help you understand your video's impact.

Client Portal

See who's working on what, and when. Plus, you have the power to make changes, drop comments, and give approvals. It's your window to our world, making collaboration a breeze.

Dedicated Channel Manager

You'll have a dedicated channel manager by your side, making sure your ideas shine. Think of them as your personal guide. Always just one email/slack away.


Our editing isn't just about removing; it's about enhancing, perfecting, mesmerising. We make your videos look smooth and professional.

🎁Bonuses for Action-Takers:🎁

VALUE $12,881+

YouTube Studio

We'll build you an entire YouTube team that's expertly managed by us. This is the ultimate "done for you" service available for YouTube.
New Tailored Video Every Week (4 Videos)
Top Notch Video Editing
Dedicated Creative Director
9 Short Form Videos
Video strategy
Keyword research
We Record Videos For You
Ideation & Brainstorming
Script Writing
YouTube SEO
Thumbnail creation
Upload & Management
Slack & ClickUp Access
No Contracts Pause/Cancel Anytime

*Joining our waiting list doesn't guarantee a spot.

Frequently asked questions

🚀 What exactly is a Done-For-You YouTube Agency tailored for SaaS?
Think of us as your YouTube pit crew, dedicated to SaaS brands. We'll fuel your channel, tweak your content engines, and ensure you're racing ahead of competitors on the YouTube SaaS circuit!
💬 How do we manage project communication and edits?
With ClickUp as our backbone, every project detail is streamlined. Plus, enjoy direct communication with your dedicated channel manager, be it on Slack, Email, or WhatsApp.
💰 How does the pricing work? Are there custom packages?
Our standard pricing stands at $3500 per month.

Need a more tailored solution? Reach out to us at for pricing, with plans starting from $8988.
🔥 Why should a SaaS brand like ours choose YouTube over other platforms?
YouTube isn't just a video platform; it's the world's second-largest search engine. When someone googles "best CRM software" or "project management tools," don't you want to pop up?
💸 How does your pricing and billing work?
For tangible results and a true feel of the growth momentum, we recommend a commitment of at least 3 months. But we get it, plans change. That's why we offer flexibility, allowing you to pause anytime. Let's think of it as a SaaS subscription for your YouTube success!
🛡️ What's your stance on guarantees and refunds?
We stand by our 🛡️No-Nonsense Guarantee!🛡️ Give us 90 days. Not thrilled with the transformation? Let us serve you free for 60 days. We're in this for your success!

YouTube Success is ready for you.
Are you?