How Aragvi Spirit Collaborated with Hypebee to Amplify Brand Awareness by 685% in Just 3 Months

Established in 2017, Aragvi Spirit is a premium Georgian hard drinks distillery nestled in the picturesque village of Aragvispiri. Known for its exceptional range of spirits, including gin, rum, brandy, vodka, absinthe, limoncello, and liqueur, Aragvi Spirit is dedicated to delivering unique and exquisite taste experiences.

What we did:

  • Conducted comprehensive market research to pinpoint Aragvi Spirit's target audience.
  • Developed captivating video content for Instagram Reels and TikTok that captivated Aragvi's audience.
  • Devised targeted messaging to align with various cultural events and celebrations.
  • Enhanced the use of carousel posts to showcase Aragvi Spirit's diverse product offerings.
  • Prioritized posting at least one story per day on Instagram and engaging with TikTok challenges to maintain audience engagement.
  • Crafted a compelling message and distinct call-to-action to drive audience interaction on both platforms.
  • Performed extensive testing to determine optimal posting times for maximum engagement on Instagram and TikTok.


  • Amplified Aragvi Spirit's account reach by 685%, successfully engaging a considerably larger audience.
  • Boosted Aragvi Spirit's account engagement across Instagram and TikTok by 367%, demonstrating the content's resonance with the audience.
  • Attained a 9.75% increase in total followers for Aragvi Spirit, validating the efficacy of the implemented strategy.
  • Recorded a 190.5% increase in profile visits for Aragvi Spirit, signifying the content's ability to generate interest in the brand.
  • Elevated link taps for Aragvi Spirit by 126.45%, directing more traffic to the official website.
  • Produced a 258% increase in impressions for Aragvi Spirit, broadening the brand's visibility across platforms.
  • Achieved an extraordinary 38,812.5% increase in Reels and TikTok interaction for Aragvi Spirit, highlighting the impact of the video content strategy.
  • Successfully targeted Aragvi Spirit's desired demographic in key markets, bolstering the brand's presence in those regions.
  • Secured a new distribution partner in the US, expanding Aragvi Spirit's presence in the international market.
  • Increased online sales by 11%, reflecting the positive impact of the digital marketing strategy on revenue growth.

Before Hypebee

After @aragvispirit

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