How Nuhma NYC Leveraged Hypebee to Boost Brand Reach by 401% in Just 2 Months

Established in 2014, NUHMA NYC is a distinguished private jet catering service, renowned for its unparalleled commitment to providing exceptional culinary experiences. By utilizing fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, NUHMA NYC consistently exceeds the expectations of the most discerning clientele.

Nuhma Tuazon

What we did:

  • Conducted thorough niche research to identify Nuhma NYC’s target audience.
  • Created high-quality video content for Instagram Reels that resonated with Nuhma’s audience.
  • Crafted targeted messaging tailored to special occasions and holidays.
  • Increased the frequency of carousel posts to showcase more Nuhma’s services.
  • Prioritised posting at least one story per day to keep the audience engaged.
  • Developed an appealing message and clear call-to-action to encourage engagement.
  • Conducted extensive testing to identify the best times to post for maximum engagement.


  • Increased Nuhma NYC's account reach by 401%, reaching a significantly larger audience.
  • Boosted Nuhma NYC's account engagement by 211%, indicating that the content was resonating with the audience.
  • Gained a 5% increase in total followers for Nuhma NYC, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy.
  • Achieved a 113% increase in profile visits for Nuhma NYC, indicating that the content was generating interest in the brand.
  • Increased link taps for Nuhma NYC by 72.2%, driving more traffic to the website.
  • Generated a 172% increase in impressions for Nuhma NYC, expanding the brand's visibility.
  • Achieved a remarkable 25,875% increase in reels interaction for Nuhma NYC, demonstrating the impact of the video content.
  • Successfully targeted Nuhma NYC's desired demographic in New York, increasing the brand's presence in that area.

Nuhma's Instagram Account Before and After

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